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Presentations at conferences , meetings, conventions , events all make increasing technical and organizational requirements for the presentation management . Speakers and presenters come with a variety of devices and presentations formats about the events and expect you to fulfill all their requirements perfectly .

MediaServant© is the perfect solution for collecting, compiling and recording of all forms of presentation across multiple platforms and all presentation requirements of time. MediaServant© also provides the solution for capturing and presenting ePosters for your event .

Based on more than 20 years of experience with meetings , congresses and events of all kinds have developed as a company behind MediaServant© solutions for registration, payment processing and many other organizational areas and AVMediaProjects TDi workshop .


The MediaServant© Slide Center concentrates all steps of the registration of all presentations before the event via the on-site supervision and editing up to the perfect direction of multiple presentations in multiple rooms of your event .

Each speaker will be comprehensively supported and informed , can be incorporated into the process on site so uploaded in advance all the presentations on the MEDIA Servant © cloud and / or ....

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WeVote gives you as organizers a unique opportunity to obtain direct and live feedback . For individual questions or for the whole event .

The online version of WeVote allows querying individual questions to complex audit settlement .





ABSTRACT submissions , posters for presentation at conferences and other events are an organizational challenge in the best conditions .

With the MediaServant© ePoster RESOLUTION bring order to the entire process , from the online registration and the cloud upload to the on-site organization and presentation on multiple screens .


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